Most of the sounds here have been created as background music for video work.

I call this BDOOM, maybe you will see why.
This is just a test using Argon 8 152 factory patch
This one is called SnowScape and is made with patch 369
I call this one Blundering In, Made with LMMS and Hybrid Synth
This is called Mid Ocean - from a hybrid synth patch of similar name.
I call this LOST. It's made with an Argon 8 patch called Earth with a little tweak.
I really like the base on this.
I call this Soft Drifter
It was made for the video idea ID-SEGO
Perfect for that, I think
This is called Excitement
Made with Argon 8 arpeggiator
This is called Hot Air Balloon
Made using a sound I made with Argon 8