This web site area features sounds. That is, sounds which have been made by me.

I am as expert at sound design as I am at animation and computer graphics, so that is, not at all expert.

Yet, sounds are great fun to make and they don't just have to be songs or tunes, they can be sound effects, noises, or can stand for whatever you want them for.

I have made sounds to go with my animation creations but I intend to carry on and make sounds just because it is great fun to do, even if they aren't used for anything.

The menu tabs for sound (only one just now) will reveal pages which have sounds and brief explanations of what I think they are.

You are free to use these sounds if you want to. I don't place any restrictions on them.

My sound Tools

I create sounds using my Argon 8 Synthesiser from Modal Electronics (I really like this).

I also use some plug in (PC based) synths and Cakewalk DAW (which is free to use - as are the plug in synths).

I now have a Moog Theremini which is an unusual instrument but great fun to (try to) play.

Most of the recording is done using Audacity.

I have a PO-33 Pocket Operator which, as you might guess by now, I find great fun to use.

I also play with a Synth called QiBrd on my Android Phone. I like this as well.