Other Stuff

Once you decide that the four things you want to concentrate on are Thought, Image, Animation and Sound, other stuff crops up.

This section of the web site is for other stuff.

There is one person who also wanted a page (or pages) which fit in here and she is Em and the pages are, will be Em's Info

For me, I just want the flexibility to create other stuff if I want to.

I have a slight suspicion that this menu tab might become over populated but the menu thingy I am using will cater for more sub menus.

I suppose that this is also a reaction to some disillusion with social media. What is wrong with (old fashioned?) web sites to find things and seek interests and see what is going on? So, other stuff is also a place for me to put links to interesting things. Well, things that I think are interesting any way.

Other stuff is also a place to hold other stuff.