About AKRI

AKRI was a UK registered company specialising in knowledge.

Now it is something else.

AKRI is (was) an acronym for A Kind of Ridiculous Idea
Well it was - now it is for Art Kindles Radical Ideas
Better don't you think?

This is because we couldn't think of a better use of the letters A K R and I
But now we have.

Now we are free to do anything we like with AKRI

We will always keep AKRI safe for everyone including children to view.

We have no interest in advertising or popularising the site with dodgy stuff or making it family unfriendly.

Of course, that doesn't mean that you will like it or that it's any good. Just that it's safe.

If you must contact us then please use the email address john at TheWayWeKnow dot org

Just made that contact a bit cryptic to avoid the trawling robots, some of which are servants of those who mean to do harm.

There is another site connected with this one as well as the knowledge site linked from the main page. This site is:
  The Way We Know  and is a learning support site.