Trust - Risk

Risk is computed from a weighted average of the combined set of numeric parameters and in this case can be shown to be:
(1.0*P1 + 1.0*P2 + 1.0*P3 + 0.8*P4 + (8.0 - 0.8*P5)) / 4.6
Where the parameters and weights are:
High Risk Knowledge (top 10%) Colour Coded Map for Risk




P1 Importance 1.0
P2 Complexity 1.0
P3 Study - Experience 1.0
P4 Learn Time 0.8
P5 Justifiable -0.8
These tables are taken from the web resource.

Risk Value

Knowledge Name

7.65 Gain insight from communication and dialogue
7.35 How to establish trust worthiness
7.3 How to maintain trust
7.3 Minimise need for trust
7.3 Situations which do not require trust
The twin knowledge components of establishing and maintaining trust feature as significant risk factors from this study. The map shows that both of these knowledge elements contain the highest risk knowledge item as a direct prerequisite.
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