Knowledge Study Deliverables

A Knowledge Structure Map and its associated information is able to provide considerable analytical and decision support information for managers of a knowledge area.
The parameter values make it possible to analyse the knowledge resource in a variety of ways to provide a range of useful results.
There are also other types of analysis available which each provide informative results. For instance, it is possible to consider the knowledge which is common to two main knowledge areas. These knowledge areas might represent the knowledge needed by two separate departments in an organisation. The map can clearly show the knowledge which is needed by both departments.
A knowledge study web resource can be automatically created by the support software. This is a demonstration resource which you can examine.
The red colour of Manpower Capabilities indicates that this knowledge is considered by experts to be at high risk. The experts assign various parameter values to each knowledge node on the map and the tool uses these separate values to compute knowledge risk. Experts were asked to consider things such as how important the item of knowledge is to the topic being studied and how difficult it would be to replace the knowledge if the organisation suddenly lost it. Analytical results such as risk can typically be viewed within the context of the map and also in tabular or graph form.
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