AKRI Goals

To deliver first class knowledge services for customers.

To provide honest and thoughtful service description for customers and to avoid misrepresentation and exaggeration.

To build good working relationships with customers and to continue to offer advice concerning knowledge services post project.
To continue to develop better understanding of applied human knowledge in all areas whether they are non-technical or highly automated.

To explore how critically important concepts are represented by human knowledge and how human knowledge can be applied to improve human understanding and application of such concepts.

To explore both divergent and convergent approaches to human learning and how this relates to human needs and machine learning and intelligence.

To better understand the role and construction of questions which can set valuable and worthwhile goals for human endeavour.
To work to ensure that the role of human knowledge in all aspects of human life remains central to human endeavour.

To create discussion and reason which shows why and how humans must remain confident in their intellectual capabilities and why it must be human question posing and decision making which drives scientific, technical and social progress.
Core Objectives Long Term
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